The Team

Our team is small but mighty - the perfect blend of age and experience with a load of fresh ideas and creative genius thrown in for good measure. A client recently told us that we could see round corners, and we know that our mix of skills is our secret weapon in predicting behaviours and avoiding problems. We are a multi-talented bunch, with five languages and a range of design, social media, web and IT knowledge between us, as well as industry-specific expertise. Here's the lowdown on the Animo gang...

Charlotte Parslow
Creative Director

Charlotte Parslow Google Glass trade event

With 10 years of industry experience there isn’t much that Charlotte can’t tackle, but she’s never happier than when she’s turning an empty ballroom into an absolute showstopper. She loves new tech, she’s great at working with bands and entertainers, and her happiest work days usually involve copywriting and marketing design. Give her a business challenge rather than a pre-determined event idea, and watch her create something extraordinary... 

Languages - Decent Spanish, and enough French and Italian to get by whilst working. 

Top travel tip - Never eat raw food (sushi / steak tartare) just before getting on a plane.

Skills - Charlotte would be the first to point out that she isn't a graphic designer by any means, but she is arty and is a whizz at Photoshop, so if you need menus, signage or some picture editing for your event, look no further. 

Favourite destination - Venice

Dream event to work on - A big sporting event like a marathon or triathlon

Outside of work - Charlotte is married to John and has a six year old daugher - Evie. She is currently renovating a 100-year-old house which takes up most of her weekends. Any free time she does have is devoted to reading - she gets through one or two books a week, and especially loves a gory crime novel. She loves great food and fine wine, and enjoys cycling.   

Keith Merrett
Financial Director

Keith Merrett sun glasses Taj Mahal

Having founded Animo almost 20 years ago and travelled the world on behalf of clients, Keith now prefers to stay behind the scenes in the office where possible. He is our financial whizz and spreadsheet guru. Ask him about TOMS ( a complex and specialist VAT scheme for residential events) and you’ll probably make his day. 

Languages - Keith speaks all of the major languages - English, American and Australian. 

Top travel tip - Always wear flight stockings when travelling long haul, as a DVT is no laughing matter. Also, try to call home once a day when possible. 

Skills - Keith has a brain built for logistics. When we need to move a large number of people around using the smallest possible number of vehicles, Keith will find a way. His insight into the transport industry comes in useful on a regular basis. 

Favourite destination - He can't choose between Istanbul and Queenstown. 

Dream event to work on - The Bus & Coach Show

Outside of work - Keith has been married to Jan for an impressive 45 years, so he's clearly found the secrets of a successful marriage. He's passionate about Formula 1, travel, and whisky, in no particular order and not necessarily on the same day. 

Hannah Gold
Events Manager

Hannah Gold

After working at Wembley Stadium and Clarion Events in London, Hannah settled in beautifully at Animo. She’s a genius when it comes to new technology, a tough (yet smiley) negotiator, and the most organised person we have ever met. And that’s really saying something. If you want to get on her good side, bring gluten-free snacks. 

Languages - Fluent French and basic Spanish as well as a few words in Italian. 

Top travel tip - Always bring snacks! Also, exercise and fresh air help with jetlag, as does adjusting to your destination's time zone as fast as possible. 

Skills - Hannah is our social media guru, and is adept at wordpress and various other web CMS systems too. 

Favourite destination - San Francisco

Dream event to work on - The Olympics - what an incredible project!

Outside of work - Hannah lives with her fiancee Mike and their kitten Bertie, who refuses to show Hannah any affection at all. We're hoping it's just a phase. She loves experimenting with gluten-free baking, and is the office fitness guru (this woman does outdoor circuits classes in the rain for goodness sake!). She is generally pretty cool and stylish until it comes to music - then it's cheesy pop all the way. She also has a thing for gin. 

Tatjana Suhorukova
Events Assistant

Tatjana Suhorukova

Tatjana (known as Tanya) worked in events for six years in Latvia before moving to the UK, and we don’t care about Brexit – we’re not giving her back. An incredibly tenacious and hardworking events professional, Tanya doesn’t give up or go home until the problem is solved. 

Languages - Tanya speaks fluent Russian and Latvian as well as English (in a rather fabulous accent).

Top travel tip - Always have a bottle of water to hand, and triple check you have the essentials - passport, wallet, and phone charger. 

Skills - Tanya is a superhero when it comes to detail. When an attendee gives us a flight number and an arrival time that don't match, she's on it faster than the speed of light. 

Favourite destination - New York and Crete. 

Dream event to work on - Anything involving children and young adults. 

Outside of work - Tanya lives with her husband Sergei and sons Dom (14) and Sasha (4). She spends her free time visiting family, cheering Dom on in rugby matches, and in the very occasional peaceful moments she gets to herself, she enjoys Nordic walking. Tanya is very artistic and creative, and enjoys buying and selling on eBay in her spare time. When she makes her first million from her eBay empire, we hope she won't forget the rest of us. 

Case Study

Corporate 25th Anniversary Event
This was a real feel-good company celebration - a complex multi-venue event in Dublin.

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  • I would really like to thank you for all your hard work. We were very happy with the service, your absolute professionalism, attention to detail and recommendations.
    Marketing Director
    Engineering Company

  • Animo’s team were brilliant. They are all a pleasure to work with too - patient, cheerful & diplomatic. I can't recommend them highly enough.
    Marketing and PR Company

  • Many thanks for organizing and running a great day. I was really pleased with how things went and feedback from our sales partners has been very positive. Thank you for all your hard work!
    UK Sales Manager
    Sat Nav company

  • Animo’s staff members are extremely professional, friendly, innovative, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure all our staff, members, and guests have a great time.
    International Removals Company

  • I have never ceased to be impressed at Animo’s diligence, clarity in communications, reactivity and attention to detail. Their customer service is outstanding.
    Chief Commercial Officer
    Telecoms Company