Moroccan-Themed Private Birthday Party

Brief: To produce a memorable Moroccan-themed 18th birthday party for a client’s daughter in their private home. There were to be 30-40 people in attendance in a variety of different spaces. 

Location: Private home, Richmond, London.

Solution: The client’s home was a beautiful Georgian townhouse, so although we had to transform it, right from the beginning it was clear to us that we needed to decorate it with the utmost care. We sourced richly coloured and patterned fabrics, and used huge swathes of them to cover windows and large pieces of furniture that could not be moved. These were then lit using LED parcans in warm amber tones to create a wonderful exotic atmosphere. We hired Moroccan furniture and large artefacts such as wooden tables and folding screens, arched mirrors, beanbags, cushions and hookah pipes. Then we used candles in brightly coloured glass votives to provide the finishing touch.  

Morrocan Party     Moroccan party

Entertainment: We had several entertainers working in different parts of the house throughout the evening. Guests were welcomed by a mysterious contact-juggler in full costume, and then received henna tattoos on their hands whilst they enjoyed their drinks (a little mixing of cultures, but it worked well!). When all the guests were assembled, a belly dancer performed an interactive show, and then a sword swallower provided a grand finale. After dinner, the younger guests were invited into a small lounge which had been transformed into a Karaoke Bar complete with disco lights and a professional sound system. 

Challenges: Due to the domestic nature of the spaces, the biggest challenge was creating points of interest in each room to keep people moving between the different areas. We achieved this by putting the bar in one room, and focussing the entertainment in two further rooms in order to encourage mixing. The broad age range of the attendees was also a challenge, but the entertainment we selected fortunately appealed to everyone. 

Favourite moments: We came prepared with plenty of Moroccan music, and the client had a state of the art sound system which played in every room. Using this was a dream – we wish every venue had one! The sword-juggling was a massive hit with the younger guests, and certainly had us on the edge of our seats!   


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