End of the Pier Party

Brief: To create an informal welcome dinner and party for the first night of a residential conference for 180 delegates. Wives and children had accompanied many of the delegates to this conference, so the event needed to be family friendly.

Location: Hilton Metropole, Brighton

Solution: We decided to recapture the excitement of visiting the seaside as a child by recreating old-fashioned ‘End of the Pier’ activities – indoors! The room was decorated with bunting and lit in primary colours, and tables were decorated with deckchair fabric and giant vases full of sweeties. The hotel designed a menu to suit our theme, so they were serving fish and chips, burgers, barbecue food and ice creams for dessert. We also had sticks of rock specially made in the client’s corporate colours and with their logo running through them.

End of the Pier Party - General View   

Entertainment: We set up fairground stalls around the room where guests could play hoopla, coconut shy and a number of other games, we had a ‘Test Your Strength’ machine complete with a Victorian strongman, and a signature analyst and tarot card reader were on hand to mystify our guests with their knowledge. For background music we had created a soundtrack with featured the noise of waves lapping the shore, seagulls, and classic songs like ‘I do like to be beside the seaside.’

Challenges: It was an awful lot to fit into one ballroom, so we had to do extensive CAD planning to ensure that the set up went smoothly. Also, this unusual event was all about the detail, so there was a lot to consider. For example – we provided scoops and paper bags so that people could take away the sweeties. 

Favourite moments: It was lovely to see the kids enjoying the fairground games – they couldn’t quite believe that they could play everything for free, and actually win the prizes. The grown-ups gravitated towards the ‘Test Your Strength’ machine instead!  

Victorian Strongman     Branded sticks of rock


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