Corporate Networking Dinner in Barcelona

Brief: To arrange a drinks reception and dinner for 120 senior international executives in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress. The event needed to be elegant, relaxed, and very high quality.   

Location: Bravo24, W Hotel, Barcelona

W Hotel Barcelona exterior  Barcelona view from Bravo 24

Solution: During Mobile World Congress, over 100,000 people flock to Barcelona, so hotel rooms, restaurants and venues get booked up a long time in advance. When our client asked us to locate a venue for a large dinner during MWC with three months’ notice, we weren’t 100% sure that we’d be able to find the right place for them. However, we have deep and specialist knowledge of Barcelona built up over many years, and we used this to make an initial long list of options. We then approached over 70 venues, and advised the client on the top five. By some quirk of fate, one of the possibilities was Bravo24, Carles Abellan’s waterside restaurant in the iconic W Hotel. The client agreed that this was an incredible find, and we booked it for exclusive use.   

Entertainment: The entertainment needed to be in the background, as this event was all about networking, so we didn’t want anything to interrupt the conversations. We selected a guitarist with whom we have worked before, who always manages to find the perfect amplification level and the right blend of classical and contemporary music. The client also requested a cigar corner, so we brought in a cigar expert (and translator) to cater for the guests. 

Cigar Corner Bravo 24  Signature Sangria

Challenges: The first challenge was finding a cigar expert, as the global cigar rolling championships were taking place in Cuba at exactly the same time! The event management on the night was also a little tricky, as a large group of our attendees were at a cocktail party which overran and the client wanted to wait for them before sitting down to eat. That meant we ran an hour behind schedule, so the chef was hopping mad with us! However, we used our best diplomatic skills to calm the situation and get everyone seated as quickly as possible. The kitchen still delivered first class food despite the delay, so it was all great in the end.

We also had some issues finding a florist who could deliver the style of arrangements that we wanted on budget. Fortunately, we have two Spanish speakers on the team who were able to communicate with a florist who didn’t speak English, and once the language barrier was removed we ended up with beautiful floral displays that perfectly matched the brief.   

Place setting

Favourite moment: When the group finally sat down to eat, and we no longer had to avoid an angry chef!  

Bravo24 Bar

  • I would really like to thank you for all your hard work. We were very happy with the service, your absolute professionalism, attention to detail and recommendations.
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  • Animo’s team were brilliant. They are all a pleasure to work with too - patient, cheerful & diplomatic. I can't recommend them highly enough.
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  • Many thanks for organizing and running a great day. I was really pleased with how things went and feedback from our sales partners has been very positive. Thank you for all your hard work!
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  • Animo’s staff members are extremely professional, friendly, innovative, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure all our staff, members, and guests have a great time.
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