How do you encourage creativity?

Our industry demands an unusual blend of creative skills and administrative excellence. So when your staff finally get away from the spreadsheets and PowerPoints for a day, how to you inspire them to think creatively?

We believe that if our staff get bored, then the end result will be boring, and it's vital that we in the creative events industry avoid this. Here are our top tips for keeping things fresh.

Graphic Recording as a tool for creativity

  1. Allow room for creativity. Some people work best in a cafe or library. Some people come up with their best work late at night, or curled up on a sofa. We encourage flexible working and have created cosy spaces in our office where the team can do some creative thinking. 
  2. Keep it visual. The brain processes images much more efficiently than writing, so when we're brainstorming we try to record our thoughts in notes, drawings and doodles. (Our favourite at the moment is writing on the windows with dry wipe markers). 
  3. Share your thinking. For every good idea we come up with, we've probably rejected ten or even twenty. When you're coming up with a new concept, you can't be afraid to fail, and you have to accept that your bad idea might be the kernel of someone else's great idea. 
  4. Take inspiration anywhere you can. We frequently look outside the events industry for ideas. Broadening your horizons has tremendous potential for every business. Just take time to stop every now and then, think about what other people are doing well, and see what lessons you can apply to your own projects. 
  5. Always try to be better. Even when something goes really well, we never stop striving to improve. Our post-event meetings are analytical (bordering on brutal), because we believe that we can always do better. We're in events - it's our job to think round corners. 

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Case Study

London Finance Conference
We made finance cool and interactive with this event, and used our problem-solving skills to the max!

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